Our goals

Arbitration is a means of resolving disputes, without resorting to a state court, whereby the parties, through a binding agreement, choose a third party (arbitrator) to solve their dispute. With the ratification of the Law Nr. 9.307 of September 23rd 1996, arbitration obtained the legal necessary support for its development in Brazil. Since 1996, arbitration has had its importance increased and has proven to be an adequate resolution method to disputes involving freely negotiable rights.

Finally, in 2001, several arbitration specialists came together and founded the Brazilian Arbitration Committee (Comitê Brasileiro de Arbitragem – CBAr). The Committee is a nonprofit association whose main purpose is to disseminate Arbitration and ADR. With that purpose, CBAr upholds Conferences and Seminars in Brazil and abroad and publishes, though Kluwer publishers, the Brazilian Arbitration Journal (Revista Brasileira de Arbitragem).

Aiming to achieve these purposes, CBAr has released this website – not only an available instrument to those who aspire to learn more about Arbitration, but also a useful work and research tool for the Committee’s members.